University Overview

The University of Niigata Prefecture (UNP) is a public university established in April 2009. UNP consists of 3 Faculties, 2 Graduate Schools and 1 Institute: The Faculty of International Studies and Regional Development, The Faculty of Human Life Studies (Department of Child Studies, Department of Health and Nutrition), The Faculty of International Economic Studies, Graduate School of International Studies and Regional Development, Graduate School of Health and Nutrition and Economic and Social Research Institute for Northeast Asia (ERINA-UNP). UNP admits approximately 360 undergraduate students a year. Following the basic principles of “Development of an International Perspective,” “Regional Emphasis,” and “Development of Human Qualities,” UNP is striving to nurture human resources who can resolve various issues and contribute actively in both global and regional arenas.




UNP has 5 missions as follows:

  1. Developing human resources with the ability to overcome the challenges of the changing times
  2. Developing human resources with practical expertise who can play an active role in the international community and support local communities
  3. Development of human resources with language skills and communication skills that can take a lead in the global society
  4. Developing human resources who respect individuality and support society together
  5. An educational and research base that contributes to local communities which are open to the world