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Meet irreplaceable friends and discover a new aspect of your life

There are sports groups in which members train hard from day to day with the goal of victory in tournaments and practice matches with other schools. There are also volunteer groups in which members take part in activities that bring them into contact with local communities and society. The personal contacts and inspiration gained through these group activities will certainly prove unforgettable.

Group introduction

<As of May 1, 2022>


Badminton, Rubber-ball Baseball, Volleyball, Running, Basketball, Soccer, Hardball Tennis, Tenisa (tennis), Swimming, All Round Circle, Training Circle, 3×3 Circle


Tea Ceremony, ESS (English Study Society), Switch (photography), Korean Circle, Russian Circle, Taiwanese Circle, Literature Circle, Painting (art), Nutrition Education Circle, Puppet Theater Circle, Calligraphy Circle, Community Actirities

Music and dance

Pop Music, Wind Orchestra, A Cappella, Hip Hop Dance, Jazz Dance, Acoustic, Piano


Teruteru Boys, Red Cross Circle, NicolveE (environment), Greening Circle (campus beautification), RUENG(international volunteer), Olive(social welfare), PEANUT(volunteer)

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