Self-Access Learning Center (SALC)

About SALC

Self-Access Learning Center is generally known by its acronym SALC, and is a facility that aims to provide language learning support to students (English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese).
Staff with fluency in English, known as mentors, are always on hand at SALC and student assistants also provide additional support to their fellow students.

Five Check Points

Check① Boost your language skills with approximately 8,000 learning materials available

SALC has a range of approximately 8,000 learning materials available to view and borrow, including textbooks for various kinds of foreign language proficiency tests, newspapers and magazines, foreign books (including manga), CDs and DVDs. (DVDs cannot be borrowed.)

Check② Learn about pronunciation and enhance your listening skills

View and listen to foreign language CDs and DVDs on the computers at SALC.

Check③ Receive practical guidance from SALC staff members

Staff provide practical advice on communication skills in foreign languages, including grammar and composition, pronunciation, accents and intonation.

Check④ Measures to assist in foreign language proficiency tests

SALC provides assistance in applications and study for foreign language proficiency tests, such as TOEIC, which are an important feature on anyone’s CV when looking for a job.
* Part of the cost of language proficiency tests is subsidized by the Parents & Guardians Association.

Check⑤ Enjoyable learning at exchange events

SALC actively implements a range of events, including “Korean conversation over lunch,” where a Korean language instructor and students sit round a table to chat in Korean as they eat their lunch, and “Chat Salon,” where SALC student assistants proficient in Chinese talk about their experiences of overseas study.


At SALC all our staff are ready with a smile to support students in the language learning. We can also provide advice to students who may want to improve their English skills but do not know where to start. We hope that all students will visit us regularly.

From all the SALC Staff