Courses Available for Exchange Students

Exchange students are eligible to take most of the undergraduate courses. However, there are some courses, such as practical training courses and courses for which the number of students is limited in relation to licenses and certifications, that are not open for international exchange students. Exchange students are able to take courses offered by faculties other than they belong to as “free courses.”

1.Course Types

Courses can be mainly categorized as follows:

Courses Offered in English

Please refer to  UNP 2024 Courses offered in English

Courses Offered in Japanese

Students may be required an advanced proficiency level in Japanese in order to enroll in these courses. Please refer to the pages of each faculty and the online syllabus in Japanese.

About the Faculty and Graduate School


Japanese Language Courses

Japanese language courses are offered at different levels, from beginner to advanced. Classes are determined based on the results of placement test and interview with the Japanese language teacher. Please note that not all classes are offered each semester.

Japanese Proficiency Japanese Classes
JLPT Level  
Passed N1 Advanced Business Japanese A/B 1 class/wk
Advanced Japanese
1 class/wk
Advanced Japanese
1 class/wk
Passed N2 Upper-Intermediate Upper-Intermediate Japanese
(Comprehensive) A/B
2 classes/wk
Upper-Intermediate Japanese
1 class/wk
Upper-Intermediate Japanese
1 class/wk
Passed N4 Intermediate Japanese Special Seminar 3 classes/wk
Passed N5 Upper-Beginner Japanese Special Seminar 5 classes/wk
Beginner Japanese Special Seminar 5-classes/wk

2.Required Numbers of Class Registration

The Immigration Office states that under the exchange student status, a student must be registered in more than 10.5 hours (630 minutes) worth of classes per week. One class is 90 minutes, thus a student must have at least 7 classes per week.

3.Language Proficiency Standards

Language proficiency level for each category is as shown. The scores are only the expected level, not the requirements.

Class Expected level
Courses Offered in English TOEIC 600/TOEFL(ibt)60/IELTS 5.5
Courses Offered in Japanese JLPT*: passed N2
Japanese Language Courses None

*JLPT: Japanese-Language Proficiency Test