Fees for the First Year of Study

Entrance examination fee

Fee: 17,000 yen

Matriculation Fees

At the time of the matriculation procedure, it is necessary to pay the following amount as a matriculation fee.

  • Niigata Prefecture resident: 282,000 yen
  • Non-resident: 564,000 yen

Note: A “Niigata Prefecture resident” is an individual who has, or whose spouse or first-degree family member has, resided within Niigata Prefecture continuously at least since January 1, 2022.(Enrollment in April 2023).
Note: In the event that the student declines to matriculate after the completion of the matriculation procedures, the paid matriculation fee and documents will not be returned for any reason.

Tuition fee

  • Fee: 535,800 yen per year
  • Payment method: After the enrollment, the fee is to be paid in two installments—for the first (April to September) and the second (October to March) semesters.

Insurance fee

All students obtain coverage under the “Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research / Personal Liability Insurance for Students” system. This system provides coverage for injuries resulting from accidents occurring while commuting to school, during class, during school events, and during extracurricular activities as well as coverage for legally mandated compensation that the student must pay for causing injuries to other persons and for damaging the property of other persons.

  • Insurance premium: 4,660 yen (4-year period)
    Note: This is the amount for students matriculating
  • Payment method: To be paid along with tuitions fees for the first semester of the first year.

Tuition fee reduction/exemption

In the event that it is difficult for a student to pay the tuition fee due to economic circumstances or other special circumstances (natural disaster, etc.), there is a tuition fee reduction/exemption that will, upon submission of an application, excuse the student from paying all or part of the tuition fee in certain cases.