Message from the President

President’s Message

The University of Niigata Prefecture, established in 2009, has a clear mission set forth by Niigata Prefecture to cultivate, through our educational programs, students equipped with international mindsets, generosity of heart, and the capacity to make contributions to solve both local and global challenges.

UNP’s educational undertaking is approximately 150 faculty and staff members and 1,500 undergraduate and graduate students. Our university provides students with high-quality higher education concentrated in three major areas: Humanities, Social Sciences, and Health and Child Education.

The Faculty of International Studies and Regional Development provides study programs which include international relations, development, cross-cultural studies, and linguistics of English, Chinese, Korean and Russian. The Faculty of International Economic Studies offers students learning programs in economics focusing on international and regional economies, statistics, and data-science for cultivating human resources with practical expertise and skills. The Faculty of Human Life Studies equips students with the skills to become leaders in childcare and welfare work environments and leaders in food and nutrition management for healthy life expectancy in local and global societies. The Graduate School of International Studies and Regional Development offers graduate programs in international relations, economics, and development.

In April 2023, the Graduate School of Health and Nutrition and Economic and Social Research Institute of Northeast Asia (ERINA) joined UNP for further development of our research and education. The former aims to develop research and education in health and nutrition at the graduate level, the latter specializes in the studies of Northeast Asia including China, South and North Korea, Mongolia, and Russia.

Our dedicated faculty and staff members work together to create and enhance a robust learning environment for our students. UNP’s students are exposed to the essence of humanities and sciences through their academic and practical learning. Thus, we expect that as they grow through their education, they will cultivate their expertise and skills and creatively contribute to both global and local society.

At UNP, we believe that international academic exchange of faculty and student is vital. It promotes mutual communication and understanding and is key to the development of a basis of mutual trust which, in turn, is the basis for collaborative research and education. We have been developing an international network of academic exchange of research and education to collaborate with foreign universities in Asia, North America, and Europe. Despite the worldwide spread of Covid-19, we have continued to invite foreign students, via international online seminars, who want to join our international exchange programs. Our university enthusiastically welcomes foreign researchers and students who want to join and learn together with us at UNP.

Our university is located in Niigata city which is both modern and the largest city on the west coast of the main island (Honshu) in Japan. The advantages of Niigata’s access to the Tokyo metropolitan area, combined with the warm-hearted atmosphere of a local society, allow for a comfortable student life. Moreover, in tandem with their learning opportunities, students can also enjoy the beautiful natural environment and participate in a multitude of local activities.

It is a great honor for me to have served as the president of UNP since 2017. I welcome you to join us in our learning programs to foster your own international mindset, and generosity of heart. I encourage you to come to the University of Niigata Prefecture and take part in collaborative research and education that will hone your capacity to make contributions toward solutions for both local and global challenges. We look forward to seeing you at UNP.

Prof. Dr. Ryuhei Wakasugi