Global Cooking “Cook and learn about Washoku(Japanese food)!

Student/Faculty Activities Faculty of Human Life Studies 2024.01.04

In the Global Cooking class, ten students of the Department of Health and Nutrition, together with eight international students cooked “Washoku” ,“Ichiju- Sansai” meal together.
“Ichiju- Sansai” means  rice, soup, one main dish(fish, eggs, meat etc.) and two vegetable-based side dishes, Japanese traditional style.
First, the class made Dashi (Japanese broth). And then, each students made dashimaki tamago (rolled egg), miso soup adding Dashi broth.
They also made spinach with sesame paste, and rice balls and a slice of pear.
The international students who participated in the workshop commented, “It was difficult to make dashimaki tamago,  but I had a great time ! “