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New Building

Opening in 2022
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Cafeteria (Palette)

The Cafeteria (Palette) with a bright and open atmosphere, this glass-walled building has a lively pop color scheme on the first floor, and the second floor was designed to be relaxing space. The facility give students a space for rest and relaxation. The menu is centered on buffet-style options, and there have been some changes in the noodle and donburi rice dishes offered.

University Cooperative

The cooperative sells publications, stationery, and food items. Students can also apply here for driving school admission and various types of qualification examinations.

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Building No. 1A

Entrance Hall, Lecture Rooms, Seminar Rooms, Computer Room, CALL Classroom, Library


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The striking dome-shaped reading room is a calm and relaxed space created with special attention given to the design and color scheme. The library collection includes approximately 100,000 volumes, of which about 20,000 are foreign language publications, with an extensive selection in Russian, Chinese, and Korean as well as English. Students can search the library's collection from computer terminals in the library and also from outside the university via the Internet and mobile phones. A database of newspaper articles and Japanese and foreign-language magazines can be used from personal computers in the library.

Computer Room

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Students can work on improving their information processing skills in an easy-to-use network environment. The room is used for classes in information literacy, and introduction to network presentation skills, etc.

Building No. 1B

Lecture Rooms, Seminar Rooms, SALC, CALL Classrooms, Self-Study Room, Career Support Center

Self Access Learning Center (SALC)

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The Self Access Learning Center (SALC) is a language study support facility for all students. Japanese staff members proficient in English are stationed in the center, and in addition to providing support for English study, they plan and hold a variety of events in which students use English. There are also a rich variety of foreign language (English, Russian, Chinese, and Korean) self-study resources (CDs, DVDs, foreign magazines, qualification examination study materials, etc.) on hand. Both individual and group studies are possible, and educational materials can be borrowed for self-study use.

CALL Classrooms

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These classrooms contain a wide variety of multimedia resources for foreign language learning. Computers equipped with microphone-enabled headsets allow students to converse in a foreign language (English, Russian, Chinese, and Korean) while checking their own pronunciation and accent.

Self-Study Room

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The room is partitioned one by one and provides the calm environment in which students can concentrate on their study.

Career Support Center

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This center supports student job-search efforts by providing employment information and materials, by holding various types of seminars and guidance activities, and by consulting with students on an individual basis.

Graduate School Building

Hall, Common Study Room, Lecture Room, Seminar Room


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Building No. 2

Lecture Rooms, Laboratories, Training Center, Seminar Rooms

Building No. 3

Lecture Rooms, Seminar Rooms, Art Lecture Room, Art Workshop Room, Piano Practice Room, Music Room