Foreign Student Admission
Entrance Examination (International Students)

We offer non-conflicting exam schedules, and various routes of admission.

To encourage diversity in our student body, we offer several different ways to apply: (a) general entrance examinations, offered on three occasions; (b) consideration of recommended applications; and (c) consideration of foreign students or returnees. You may select the scheduling and approach that best suit your needs.

General Entrance Examination

The general entrance exam combines grades from the National Center for University Examinations with original examinations intended to further test the applicant's abilities and suitability. We offer an independent testing schedule (Schedule A, Schedule B, and Schedule C), with three different sessions per year. These schedules do not interfere with those of other national and public schools, or the middle session exams of other public universities.

Admission of Foreign Applicants and Returnees

We welcome applicants who have already developed an international perspective by living within other cultures. These applicants are required to take original examinations and an interview.