About the University
Basic Principles

Our region is blessed with a rich natural environment and food culture as well as the potential to become a hub for international exchange in East Asia. The mission of the University of Niigata Prefecture is to nurture graduates who can put these strengths to good use in resolving the various issues the region faces as it strives to become both a vibrant exchange hub for East Asian countries and a place where people choose to live because of the excellent child-raising environment and the long and healthy lives enjoyed by residents. Such graduates will need an international perspective such as foreign language ability and global viewpoint, a deep understanding of the region, and the rich human qualities important for living and working together with other people, regardless of whether they are from Japan or abroad.
For this reason, the University of Niigata Prefecture has defined its Basic Principles as: "Development of an International Perspective," "Regional Emphasis," and "Development of Human Qualities."

Development of an International Perspective

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As a hub for contacts between Japan and the countries of East Asia, Niigata Prefecture is working for regional revitalization by promoting international exchange. To support such efforts, there is a need to cultivate an international perspective, deepen intercultural understanding, and acquire expertise in English as well as East Asian languages. To this end, at the University of Niigata Prefecture, we are promoting international social and cultural exchange, with a particular focus on East Asia, and we are moving forward with education and research from a global viewpoint.

Regional Emphasis

In the globalization of regional society, to develop industries that leverage the strengths of the region and to solve the various problems that the region faces, people need to take a new look at "their own culture" and understand the natural and cultural characters of their own communities. The University of Niigata Prefecture is committed to being a university that is open to the local community and that nurtures graduates who have a deep love and understanding of the region and who will take responsibility for developing the region and extending its role within the larger world.

Development of Human Qualities

The roots of regional prosperity can be found in the development of the region's people. Individuals rich in human qualities are needed in order to create a society in which people can live and prosper together and in order to promote exchange with other nations. For the cultivation of such qualities, at the University of Niigata Prefecture we offer an education that is tailored to the needs of each individual student, and we provide an environment in which students can actively encourage and engage with one another as they learn together.