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Education and Research

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Approach to Education

Cultivate leaders of regional development

Regional development in a rapidly changing international society requires leaders with a global perspective, a deep understanding of local issues, and a high level of communication skills. With the fundamental principles of "development of an international perspective," "regional emphasis," and "development of human qualities," the university aims to develop future leaders in regional development who are able to perform successfully at an international level.

Intensive individual instruction

The university takes full responsibility for the education of all students and has therefore introduced an advisor system tailored to specifically address student learning requirements. Students who need help with their studies or university life in general can consult with their advisor regarding any issues or worries they may have. Moreover, an "office hour" has been established in which advisors are available to students for guidance and counseling in their office at a set time during the day.

English classes focused on Academic and Communicative Skills

Our Academic Communicative English program provides intensive English classes focused on not only communicative skills but also academic skills needed for success in learning and research in English. The classes are set mainly for first and second years and first year students are streamed into small classes based on a placement test. The university boasts 14 English teachers including 6 native English speakers. In addition to the CALL room utilizing advanced information technology, a language study support facility, known as the "Self access Learning Center," has been established and provides a collection of educational resources to facilitate language study.

Cooperation with universities around the world

The University of Niigata Prefecture is affiliated with the Kyungbuk Foreign Language College and seeking other links. The university provides extensive study abroad programs for students who wish to study abroad.

Approach to Research

Reinvesting research achievements back into the region in the form of a Niigata think tank

The university proactively offers its intellectual and material property to the local community for the benefit of the Niigata region. At the same time, the university engages in research and joint ventures to tackle regional challenges and considers the reinvestment of research achievements back into regional society as a vital role. The university pursues a "field-oriented" approach to research activities and strives to extend its knowledge through direct contact with people on the ground, which includes active participation in regional activities, in addition to document-based research.